Security from the elements - our Climate-Control option

Concerned about the possible effects of summer’s humidity and heat, or the cold and damp of winter? Don’t leave things to chance, protect your special things in an air-conditioned environment with regulated temperature and humidity.

Clothing and linen, furnishings, books, paintings and antique furniture are some of the items best stored in stable conditions.

Climate-Controlled storage units cost a little more than our regular storage units, but you’ll find that’s a small price to pay for the added security and peace-of-mind.

Each Safeway Climate-Control unit:

  • Has air temperature kept below 27deg.C in summer and above 15deg.C in winter
  • Has a humidity level kept below 65% to stop the growth of mould or mildew
  • Has stale air replaced with fresh air filtered to extract dust, pollen and fumes.

Our Climate-Control building features:

A covered dockway – accommodates a full-sized moving truck
Inside access – shelter from the weather while you find the item you’re looking for
A passenger/goods lift – easy access to units above ground level
Low level lighting to the interior of the units – prevents fading.

Other services

Regular pest control programme – free
On-site assistance and enquiries – our manager is here to help 7 days a week
Internet payments or enquiries – see other pages on this site
No-obligation self storage insurance
Carts and trolleys – free
FREE ‘Tips’ brochure on packing and storing just like the professionals
Customer Courtesy van – for when you have too much for a car but not enough for a truck (some conditions apply).